As a parent of athletes who started at the ages of eight years old, I have witnessed many athletes at all levels in youth sports.

Most youth programs are teaching dynamics and fundamentals by coaching repetitious drills necessary to refine the player’s craft in a specific sport. Understandably, this is a necessary piece in the development of any athlete. However, I came to the realization there was something missing. I began noticing young athletes being passed up simply because of their size or genetics. In addition, watching my own kids battle setbacks through injuries, and witnessing many other athletes experiencing similar setbacks, it all began to make sense. The piece missing from youth sports is proper strength and conditioning.  As young athletes age, there is very little or no emphasis on the necessary muscles needed to support the continuous movements of the player.

That’s where we come in! At Team Surus, we’re bridging the gap between a skilled player and a skilled athlete. Our goal is to provide the training necessary to allow our athletes to become the strongest and fastest version of themselves all while helping them realize their maximum potential.